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Did you find in some old drawer or in a forgotten piggy bank some old italian 200 lira coins? Did you know that very often our readers ask us which are the rare 200 lire coins and what is their value? That’s why we wrote this article, just to answer your questions. So we will see in this brief discussion what is the value of the 200 rare lire and the various commemorative coins.

As already mentioned in this article about cleaning coins, the 200L coins of the Italian Republic are minted in Bronzital, a special bronze alloy composed of Copper and Aluminium, to which Nickel was added after 1968.

Let’s start now to go through the history and to analyze the value of these coins. The first 200L coins were put into circulation in 1977, had a diameter of 2.4 cm and weighed about 5 grams.

It is in 1977 that the story of this coin begins…

Value of 200 lire coins of 1977

Although the italian 200 lire coins issued in 1977 are the first ones, they are not classified as rare coins, but as common coins because of the high circulation. Therefore, their present value, depending on their state of preservation, is about 1€.

200 Lire Coins 1977
the italian 200 lire coins of 77

On the face of this first 200 lire coins is a woman’s head looking to the right, with the author’s signature at the bottom and the words ‘REPUBBLICA ITALIANA’ on the outside.

On the reverse side there is the value “200 LIRE” inserted in a gear to symbolize the work (hence the name “200 Lire Work”) while at the bottom there are mint mark and thousandth of minting.

Rare 200 Lire Coins of 1977 “Proof”

A separate debate should be made for the 200 rare liras of “proof” of 1977.

In fact, a trial version was initially minted, with a circulation of 1,500 copies, completely identical to the next final version except for the small inscription “prova” on the reverse of the coin.

rare 200 Lire Coins "proof" 1977
The trial coins of the 200 rare liras of the year 1977. The arrow points out the words “prova”.

It is precisely this proof version of the 200 lire of 1977 that has the greatest value on the market of collecting.

Value of 200 lire coins of 1977 “Prova”

Having only minted 1,500 coins, nothing compared to the 15,900,000 two hundred lira coins issued throughout 1977, the value of these particular 200 rare lira can be very high.

Obviously it is the state of conservation of the coin to determine its final value, so for a 200 lire “proof version” in quality qFDC or FDC you can get to 800 €.

If of SPL (Splendid) quality, the value naturally drops to around 500€.

Given the very limited circulation, it is rare to come across these 200 rare lire “prova”. That said, however, it is always good to take a careful look at the 200 lire coins of 1977 that we still have at home or that we could find with the metal detector, a surprise is always possible!

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Value 200 lire coins of 1978

In 1978 the 200 lire “Lavoro” continued to be issued with a circulation of 461,034,000 copies, so the value of the 200 lire 1978 is not very high, about 1€ or 2€ if FDC.

The famous two hundred liras “half moon under the neck” are an exception. But what is it?

For a chipping in the minting, some of the 200 lire of 1978 present to the right a small crescent, under the neck of the represented woman.

200 Lire Coins half moon
The coin with the half moon

This error of minting, as always happens, brings the value of these particular two hundred lira coins to increase. In 1978 there were even two breakages of the minting, in the same place, resulting in 200 lire “half moon” of two types but with the same value.

A rare two hundred lire of 1978 “half moon” of BB quality already reaches a value of 8-9€. The value rises to 20 euros if Spl, up to about 90 € for those few coins in FDC quality.

Value 200 lire coins of 1979

As far as 1979 is concerned, three variants of 200 lira coins seem to have been put into circulation.

The “normal” 200 lire “Lavoro” were drawn in 437,325,000 copies, but for errors of minting some copies are missing the signature of the engraver while others still have the so-called “peeled head“.

200 Lire coin "Peeled head"
200 Lire coin “Peeled head”

The “peeled head” can be due to two different errors: wear of the cone or obstruction of the cone, errors quite common for the type of presses used.

However, it is necessary to be careful not to confuse a normal 1979 coin with the head worn out by the wear of the circulation with the aforesaid minting error.

A two hundred liras 1979 “peeled head” in quality FDC can reach high prices, even if its real value is between 30 and 50 euros.  The 200 lire of 1979 without the engraver’s signature are worth about ten euros instead.

Value of 200 lire coins of 1980

In 1980, in addition to 105,432,728 copies of the 200 lire “Lavoro”, the first of the 200 lire commemorative coins was minted, with a circulation of 48,242,728 pieces.

200 lire coins 1980
200 Lire Coins of 1980

On this 200 lire coins on the right is depicted the bust of Maria Montessori with the signature of the engraver Sergio Giandomenico at the bottom, while on the reverse is the image of a woman with a child intent on reading a book.

In the background are engraved the meridians and parallel land and a spade is placed near the woman. There is also an indication of the value and the words “VALORIZZAZIONE DELLA DONNA” and “FAO”.

This two hundred lira commemorative coin was in fact minted on the occasion of International Women’s Day and FAO activities. Even these two hundred liras, however, although in good condition, are not 200 lire rare and are worth around 1 €

Value 200 lire coins of 1981

Also in 1981 a 200 lire commemorative was issued, on the occasion of the International Food Day and FAO activities.

On the right the engraver Guido Veroi represented Villa Lubin, seat of the National Institute of Agriculture with the inscription “ITALIAN REPUBLIC”. On the reverse side there is the image of a woman holding a cornucopia surrounded by symbols recalling agriculture and the words “WORLD DAY OF FOOD – 16 OCT – FAO”.

Like many other 200 lire coins, even if in very good conditions, their value is around 2 €.

200 lire coins 1981
200 lira coins of 1981

Value of 200 lire coins of 1989

We have to wait until 1989 to find a new 200 lire commemorative coin. Issued on the occasion of the first centenary of the naval Arsenal of Taranto, it presents the usual woman’s face of the 200 lire.

200 lire coins 1989
200 Lire of 1989

On the other hand, the sailboat “Amerigo Vespucci” and the buildings of the Arsenal of Taranto are represented on the reverse. Above the drawing are the dates 1889-1989 and on the outside the inscription “CENTENARIO DELL’ARSENALE MILITARE MARITIMO DI TARANTO”.

The value is around 2€.

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Value of 200 lire coins of 1990 “Council of State”

In 1990, on the occasion of the centenary of the fourth section of the Council of State, a new commemorative coin of two hundred liras was issued.

200 lire coins 1990
200 Lire of 1990

On the right there is the usual female head, on the reverse the seat of the Council of State, Palazzo Spada and the inscriptions “COUNCIL OF STATE”, “IV SECTION” and “1890-1990”.

Even in very good condition this coin is not worth more than 2 euros.

Value of 200 lire coins of 1992 “Filatelia Tematica”

On the occasion of the World Exhibition of Thematic Philately in Genoa, a new commemorative 200 lire coin was issued in 1992.

The straight side does not change compared to the normal 200 lire, while on the reverse side the central part of the coin is divided into two semicircles. In the upper semicircle, on a striped background, three sails stand out. In the lower semicircle the stylization of three waves and the inscription ‘GENOA ’92’.

200 lire coins 1992
200 lire 1992

La scritta nella parte esterna della moneta riporta “ESPOSIZIONE MONDIALE DI FILATELIA TEMATICA”. Il valore di queste 200 lire si attesta intorno ai 2€.

Value of 200 lire coins of 1993 “Aereonautica Militare”

The 200 lire of 1993 is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Italian Air Force and the reverse side of the coin is divided into four dials.

200 lire coinsl 1993
L200 of 1993

Inside the dials are represented the coats of arms of the first four squadrons formed during the First World War. The inscription on the outside says “70° AERONAUTICA MILITARE 1923-1993.

Like the other 200 lire commemorative coins, it is worth about 2€.

Valure of 200 lire coins of 1994 “Arma dei Carabinieri”

It went into circulation in 1994 to celebrate the 180th anniversary of the Carabinieri Corps.

200 lire coins rare 1994
200 lire of 1994

In the center of the reverse of this coin is the coat of arms of the Carabinieri, the inscription in Roman numerals CLXXX and the motto “NEI SECOLI FEDELE”. On the outside there is the inscription “ARMA DEI CARABINIERI” and the dates “1814 – 1994”.

This commemorative 200 coin is also worth around €2.

Value of 200 lire coins of 1996 “Accademia Guardia di Finanza”

Also worth about 2€ are the 200 lire commemorative of 1996 for the centenary of the Guardia di Finanza Academy.

200 lire coins 1996
L200 del 1996

On the right are represented the Royal Palace of Caserta, the first seat of the Academy, and the current seat of Bergamo, separated by a ribbon with the words “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA”. Also on the reverse, the coin is divided into two parts by a ribbon with the value “L.200” printed on it.

In the lower part there are a cap and a sword, in the upper part there is the coat of arms of the Guardia di Finanza with the date “1896”. In the external part of these 200 lire we read the inscription “CENTENARY OF THE ACADEMY OF THE GUARD OF FINANCE”.

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Value of 200 lire coins of 1997 “Lega Navale Italiana”

The usual female profile returns to the right of the 1997 commemorative 200 lire coin, while the reverse depicts the coat of arms of the Italian Naval League with a sailboat in the background.

200 lira coins 1997
200 lira coin of 97

On the sides of the ship are the dates “1897” and “1997”. This coin was issued on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Italian Naval League. It had a total circulation of 40,008,440 copies and is now worth around € 2.

Value of 200 lire coins of 1999 “Carabinieri”

The last two hundred lira commemorative coin to be minted is that of 1999. These are the L200s dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the “Carabinieri’s Artistic Heritage Protection Unit.”

200 lire 1999
200L coin of 1999

On the reverse of this coin are depicted the coat of arms of the Carabinieri and the David di Donatello. The arched writing, on two lines, shows: “CARABINIERI – TUTELA PATRIMONIO ARTISTICO”. The dates “1969 – 1999” are placed at the top above the value “L.200”.

Also these last 200 lire coins are worth to date, in very good condition, around 2€.

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