5 Lire Coins | Value of The Italian 5 Lira Coins

The 5 Lire Coins are not one of the most famous Italian lira coins but, without any doubt, it is one of those that have marked the history of this country.

Introduction to the 5 lire coins

The Italian 5 lire coin, first minted in 1807, has accompanied the Italian history through the decades through the First and Second World War until its last review in 1951.

It is also important to underline that there have been different materials that have characterized this coin making each “edition” different from the previous one.

We are talking about materials such as silver of course, but also “italma”, or an alloy of aluminum and magnesium.

5 lire rare italiane
5 lire coins

What we are interested in understanding and analysing, however, are the characteristics of the 5 rare lira. These coins are in fact difficult to find pieces that have unique distinctive features that allow you to distinguish them from traditional coins.

Of course, due to their particularity they can very often present a decidedly interesting value and higher than the market.
Specifically, we will deal with different types of rare 5 Lire coins, but also specimens with manufacturing defects or particular signs, analyzing their value, state of preservation and interesting aspects.

Let’s see together which are these coins.

5 Lire Coins of 1914 (Quadriga)

5 lire 1914 quadriga
5 lire 1914 quadriga

The 5 Lira 1914 coin also known as Quadriga is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coins ever made in the world from a purely artistic point of view, which makes it one of the most sought after.
This coin was minted by King Vittorio Emanuele III with great care and attention to detail. The diameter is 37 mm while the weight is 25 grams.

On the straight side of the coin is represented the half-bust in uniform of Vittorio Emanuele III with the Collar of the Annunciation and right, below, the signature of the author D. CALANDRA.
The back represents “Italy personified” which holds an olive branch, a symbol of peace, on a quadriga with horses adorned with flowers.

Since, as mentioned, this is one of the most beautiful coins are in circulation numerous counterfeits spread especially between the ’70s and ’80s. Usually to recognize these imitations you have to pay close attention to the details concerning the reliefs which are much more confused in the fakes than the originals.

In any case, many different imitations have been circulated and therefore it is right to consult a numismatics expert who can offer a professional opinion.

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Value of 5 Lire Coins of 1914 (Quadriga)

As we have seen, the 5 Lire 1914 coin, although not among the rarest, because its circulation was not very low, is one of the most sought after as aesthetically very beautiful.

Its value can vary a lot depending on the state of preservation which is a parameter to be taken into account.
For coins FDC (Brilliant Uncirculated) or qFDC (Almost Uncirculated) the price can vary between €13,000 and €15,000 due to the excellent state of preservation.

As far as SPL (Splendid) and BB (Beautiful) coins are concerned, therefore with very few signs of wear the price drops between €6,000 and €7,000.

5 Lire Coin 1926 – 1935 (Aquilotto)

5 Lire Aquilotto 1926
5 Lire Aquilotto 1926

The reason why this 5 Lira coin is known as ‘Aquilotto’ (meaning small eagle) is because of the graphic representation on the reverse. In particular, it depicts an eagle with slightly outstretched wings holding a horizontal beam between its legs. Slightly lower down is the value of the coin while on the left information such as the thousandth and the mint sign.
As far as the straight side is concerned, the subject of the representation is Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Italy, with the names of the author and the engraver shown below.

We are talking about a coin of which, however, there are many variations that have made it, precisely for this reason, much sought after over the years. In detail as regards the outline of the coins dated 1927, 1928 and 1929 there are two variants: one has two consecutive rosettes while another only one.

In any case, we are talking about a rather rare coin because, as far as the specimens dating back to the period between 1931 and 1935 were minted only 50 pieces per year, intended exclusively for collectors.

These pieces can be classified as R3.

Valure of 5 Lire Coin Aquilotto

The 5 Lira coins minted between 1931 and 1935 are highly sought after by collectors and numismaticians. Their value, with an excellent state of preservation, can reach a few thousand euros, such as the splendid 1934 R3 in FDC auctioned on April 13, 2013 for €3,450.

But there are also more accessible and fascinating coins such as the 1926 FDC 5 Lira coin classified as R, which was auctioned off on February 15, 2011 for €311.

Instead, in order to have an idea of the value of the common coins issued between 1927 and 1930 with conservation states decidedly inferior to the FDC or QFDC, it is possible to refer to the actual value of the silver and multiply it by the weight of the same coin.

5 Lire Coin “Uva”

5 lire rare uva
5 lire uva

As for the appearance on the right is depicted a woman’s head facing right with a torch in her hands. There are also the inscriptions REPVBBLICA ITALIANA and the names of the authors: G.ROMAGNOLI and P.GIAMPAOLI.

On the back there is a bunch of grapes that gives the name to the coin. Specifically, it is inserted at the center of the value of the coin with indicated under the mint sign and the thousandth.

We speak of a coin that varies greatly, as regards rarity, based on those that have been the various editions over the years.

Valure of 5 Lire Coin Uva

To be able to establish the value of a 5 Lira Grape currency you have to take into account several factors that can undoubtedly make a difference.

In particular the main factors are two: the year of realization (from it also depends the rarity of the coin based on the number of minted specimens) and the state of conservation.
Let’s see therefore these two factors to comparison in order to be able to establish the value of a coin:

  • 5 Lire Coin “Uva” (1946): FDC €1800, qFDC €1200, SPL €820, BB €520
  • Le 5 Lire Coins “Uva” (1947): FDC €1850, qFDC €1350, SPL €880, BB €570
  • 5 Lire Coin “Uva” (1948): FDC €60, qFDC €15, SPL €8, BB €3
  • Le 5 Lire Coin “Uva” (1949): FDC €60, qFDC €15, SPL €8, BB €4
  • 5 Lire “Uva”Coin(1950): FDC €50, qFDC €15, SPL €6, BB €4

5 Lire Coins “Delfino”


On the right there is a rudder with the inscription REPVBBLICA ITALIANA around it and at the bottom the signature of the author G. ROMAGNOLI. The back is the one that actually gives the name to this rare 5 Lire coin.
It is in fact a dolphin with its tail slightly bent. Above the animal is engraved a 5 to indicate the value of the coin while on the right the mint mark R.
A coin that, from a purely aesthetic point of view is very simple but at the same time very impressive.

As also for the other rare 5 Lire coins also in this case, in order to establish the actual value of a single specimen, you have to go to analyze what is the year of production and especially the state of preservation. To get a much clearer idea is good to go and evaluate the individual models.

Value of 5 Lire Coin 1951 (Dolphin)

The 5 Lira Dolphin coin dating back to 1951 was minted in 40,260,000 copies and is, therefore, a coin that we could define practically common. For FDC coins we are talking about a price of €8 while for qFDC we are talking about a price of €5, which becomes €3 for coins in SPL state.

Value of 5 Lire Coin 1952

As far as the 5 Lire coin dating back to 1952 is concerned, we are talking about a slightly higher circulation of up to 57,400,000 pieces. Also in this case therefore we don’t speak of a particularly rare coin that however it can introduce however an interesting value.
The value of coins in FDC state varies compared to the previous model, rising to €9, while for qFDC and SPL there are respectively €5 and €3.

Valueof  5 Lire Coin 1953

The 5 Lira Dolphin coin of 1953, on the other hand, had an even greater circulation than the previous ones with 196,200,000 minted pieces. This is an even more common currency for which, however, the value is slightly higher.

For coins in FDC state we speak in fact of €10, for those in qFDC state the price drops to €6 while for those in SPL state the value is €3.

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Value of 5 Lire Coins of 1954

In 1954, 436,400,000 copies of 5 Dolphin Lira were minted. For this reason, this year’s edition is to be considered as one of the most common. Specifically, the price of this coin may vary according to its state of preservation.
For FDC coins the value is €15, for qFDC coins it drops to €10 while for SPL coins it stabilizes at €7.

It must be said, however, that of the 1954 edition there is also a variant that has a very interesting peculiarity. We are talking about a coin that has its signature on the right side at about 1 millimeter from the edge.

As for this alternative version, the value is €18 for FDC coins, €15 for qFDC and €6 for SPL.

Value of 5 Lire Coins of 1955

Another very interesting coin is the 5 Lira Dolphin of 1955. In this case we are talking about a less common coin with 159.000.000 minted pieces.
Once again, it is essential to keep a close eye on the state of preservation in order to get a clearer idea.

For FDC coins the value is €8, for qFDC coins €5 and finally for SPL coins €4.

Value of 5 Lira Coins of 1956

The 5 Lira Dolphin coin from 1956 is undoubtedly one of the rarest and most valuable. Specifically, only 400,000 were minted, which makes it one of the most sought after by collectors.

Precisely because of what has been said, it is easy to understand that even the value is higher than in other editions. For FDC coins we start from a price of €2,100 for qFDC coins of €650, around €200 for SPL coins and finally €100 for BB coins.

Value of 5 Lira Coins of 1989

Finally we close with a very interesting 5 Lira coin. The 1989 edition saw the creation of 2,500,000 copies for a coin that, all in all, is considered very common. Precisely for this reason, in fact, the value in FDC state is €3.

5 lire rare timone rovesciato
The 5 lire with the overturned rudder error

What we are interested in analyzing, however, is an error of minting present in this production. Specifically, some of these coins have the reverse rudder on the back and are easily cataloged among the uncommon coins. The value of these coins is €15 for the FDC state, €10 for qFDC, €5 for SPL and finally €1 for those in BB state.

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