How to Buy and Sell Coins Online

If you’ve come to this page it’s probably because you’re looking for a way to sell or buy rare coins. In the following lines we will explain exactly how you can sell or buy rare or antique coins easily and safely.


monete rare antiche il marengo
A beautiful and rare italian gold coin: the “Marengo” Coin

Whether you are looking for a particular coin and have not yet found it, or you want to sell a coin to collect some money, the most convenient and secure solution is the internet.

On the web the chances to find buyers for your coins or the possibility to find the rare coins we are looking for is always maximized by the many sellers available.

It is a matter of using the most effective and efficient method to achieve our goal: Sell or Buy Rare Coins.

Many people in the past have relied on the famous Ebay to trade their coins. Surely the ability to put a coin up for auction for free is a great opportunity to maximize our earnings.

Today we have another safer and more used service that you can find by clicking here. This auction site deals with the sale and purchase of many coins. Frequented by numismatic experts is the place that we recommend you to start searching for pieces for your collections.

Even if you want to sell rare coins, it’s the right place because every item in the auction, before being published, is evaluated by experts who estimate its value.

The Website where you can find your first Rare Coins


One of the strengths of this website is that it is completely free. You can sign up for free in 5 seconds from this page (on the right you will find a blue button for registration, see the image below) and that’s it. You will be welcome in the largest European community for buying and selling coins at auction.

After registering, you can set up alerts so that the auction alerts with the rare coins you are interested in arrive directly in your inbox.

How to register?

La freccia indica il tasto per la registrazione

And if the auction becomes interesting, you can make your own bid. Or you can create your own auction and earn money with your own coins. You have lots of old euro coins and don’t know what to do with them? Create a seller account for free right now by clicking here and put your lot of coins up for auction.

What are you waiting for then? Registering today is free and fast (just put your email in or log in with your facebook account). Take advantage of it and in the future you can always use an account to auction your coins.


Sign up now.

Did you know that? In 2015 an old italian lira coin was auctioned on this site. The seller was unaware of the value of the piece and was stunned when the auction reached a gain of 2,500 euros!



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