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The 20 Lire Italian Coin are one of the most sought-after coins by numismatics collectors.  Let’s briefly see together which are the rarest coins, those with the most interesting value for fans and collectors.

Introduction to the 20 lire coins

These italian coins were minted for the first time in Turin from 1861 to 1870.

Even the 20 Lire pieces produced in Rome from 1870 to 1878 are rare as well as the ones produced in Milan (this is where production moved after 1870) from 1872 to 1875.

We have already talked about rare lire pieces in this article: “Rare Italian Lira Coins“.

On the obverse of the coin there is the head of “Vittorio Emanuele II“. On the reverse it presents the “Savoy emblem” surrounded by oak branches and the inscription REGNO D’ITALIA (Kingdom of Italy).

The coin is 900/1000 gold and weighs 6.45 grams. The rarest 20 lire pieces are those of the period of Vittorio Emanuele II and Umberto I.

Vittorio Emanuele II 20 Lira Coin
20 Lira Coin with Vittorio Emanuele II

The first 20 lire coin of the Italian Republic was coined in 1956 until 1959. The second version was coined from 1968 to 2001, when it was replaced by the Euro. From 1960 to 67, 20 Lire coins were not minted.

Both the two minted versions of italian 20 lira coin have the same illustration. It is well recognizable because it has an oak branch with four leaves and on the reverse an acorn and on the reverse a woman’s head adorned with ears.

20 Golden Lire – Italian Coins

This model of this coin is even rarer than the “normal” 20 lire coin because it was produced in a particular historical moment and in a very small quantity. This is called “marengo d’oro” and it was in fact coined in 1861, just on the occasion of the beginning of the Kingdom of Italy. Only 3427 pieces were produced in Turin, so imagine the value that this coin can have.

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The value of Italian Coin 20 Lire 1861

The value of the Italian gold 20 lire coin of 1861, considering the current quotation and valuation, has a price ranging from 700€ to 1000€, depending on the state of conservation.

Italian 20 Lire of 1958

A question that often recurs among the fans or among the curious of the coins is the following:

How much are the 20 lire of 1958 worth?

It’s simple. The Italian 20 lire of the year 1958, if kept in excellent condition, have a value of 25€.

20 Lire of 1957

The value of the 20 lire of 1957 can also reach € 25. If the number “seven” of the date is present on the coin with a slightly wider foot, then the value of the 20 lire rises to 35 €.

20 Lire of 1956

All the coins of the year 1956 were withdrawn from circulation. In fact all the pieces of the 20 lire coin were collected and fused. Nobody knows the reason for this withdrawal (or at least we do not know it).

The only thing we know is that only 2 coins managed to escape the withdrawal. Only 2 pieces that are now kept at the mint museum. The bad news is that they are not even collectible. The reason? They never got into circulation.

20 lire coin 1956
20 lire coin 1956

In reality, even other coins were not merged but were given to the staff of the mint as a gift after the letter “P” (proof) was engraved on the coin.
These particular 20 lire coins are among the rarest ones you can have. The value of the 20 Lire piece of 1956 with the letter “P” starts from 200€ up to 800€.

The Italian 20 lire of 1970

There are 2 types of 20 lire of 1970: the first type is the classic one with the “R” and has a value of about 1€ or 2€

Then there is the second type, that is the result of a probable error of coinage, which instead of the letter “R” has the letter “P”.

The rare 20 lire coin of 1970 with the letter “P” are more sought after and therefore their value is higher. A piece of 20 lira with the P has a value around 40€

The Italian 20 lire of 1968

These are again a piece of rare lire of the year 1968 that have a higher value than the 20 classic lire piece.

The lire coins of this year are quoted 80€ if in excellent condition. The value changes a lot if we talk about the currency of “trial” of 20 lire of 1968. It is a coin that is recognized because on one of the two faces there is written “trial”. Its value can reach 800€.

20 Lire of 1981

This is a common coin that reaches its maximum, if in perfect condition, worth no more than 2€

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  1. Hi, i have a 20 Lire italian coin from 1957 without “Giampaoli” inscription on it and i didn’t find any information about any coin like that.. it could be the result of a error of coinage?

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