Piece Rare Euro Coins | Value of the Rare 2 Euro Coin and the 2 Rare Cents

In this article we will see which are the Rarest Euro Coins and we will talk about their value. If in addition to the Piece Rare Euro Coins you are interested in knowing more about the value of the rare lira coins, then visit this other article: Value and Rarity of the Lira Rare Coins.

2€ rare coin 2 Piece Rare Euro Coins
2 Euro Rare Coin – European Greeks of 2007, coined in only 20 thousand copies

Short introduction to Euro Coin

In the year 2001, the Italian Republic has definitively abandoned the old currency, the lira coin, to move into the new coin, the euro. Collectors who had managed to accumulate a good amount of rare coins (especially rare lira coins) have therefore seen the value of their coins increase due to the end of their production.

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Even the new currency, however, did not leave the collectors and numismatics lovers disappointed. There are many Piece Rare Euro Coins, especially rare 2 euro coins and rare euro cents, like the rare 2 cents.

Why so many Piece Rare Euro Coins?

The question arises: if the euro has been around for so short time, why are there rare and expensive euro coins, yet?

The fact is that the value of some Piece Rare Euro Coins, (and not only euro), is determined by a series of factors that are independent of each other. For example, some rare euro coins with a value, even if produced recently and with large circulation, are difficult to find.

This difficulty of finding some coins affects the quotation of the rare currency, either euro or some other currency, and increases its value. One example would be the rare euro 50 cents coin of 2007. Another example are some rare 2 euro coins, in particular the Finnish 2 euro commemorative coined in 2004.

Some euro coins are rare just because they have been minted in miniscule quantities and only for collectors of numismatics who guard them jealously.

Maybe some of these rare euro coins ran away from the hand and the collectors’ watchful eye and ended up in public circulation. In case we can find them we will certainly be surprised by the great value that even the euro coins can hide.

Let’s see what the rare euro coins are.

Rare Italian 1 Cents Coin worth € 2,500

Italy gives us satisfaction in the field of rare euro coins as well as with lira coins. This is a particular 1 cent of euro that has a great little peculiarity.

The rarest 1 Cent Euro Coin Piece
The rarest 1 Cent Euro Coin Piece

On the reverse of the coin the Mole Antonelliana is depicted. This is a typographical error, which the experts of the mint have noticed too late. In fact, the Mole Antonelliana is the symbol printed on the 2 cent euro coins and not in the 1 euro cent coin.

The correct print should be an engraving of the Castel del Monte. Hence the astronomical value of the coin. The rare 1 cent piece rare euro in circulation are around 7000 pieces. This means that there are around 7000 checks worth over 3 thousand euros ready to be cashed for free.

Curiosity: a collector has come to pay almost 7 thousand euros to buy one of these rare 1 cent euro coins. He managed to win the auction in 2013 and the seller was an Italian, a common person with an eye to the details that had put the coin on sale on this site, without knowing the real value of his coin!

Piece Rare 2 Euro: The 2 Euro Finnish Coin of 2004

Some rare euros become such, not because they are limited editions, but because they are subject to the law of the supply / demand market.

2 Rare Euro Finnish
2 Rare Euro Finnish

Collectors demand a lot the piece rare 2 euro coin printed in Finland in 2004. The 2 rare euro finnish were printed in 1 million copies and distributed only in the Finnish territory mixed with other coins. Hence the difficulty of finding them and the great demand of collectors that can also pay 50€ for this single rare Piece Rare Euro Coins.

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Piece Rare 2 Euro: 2 Euro Commemorative Coin

The piece 2 Euro commemoratives coins are produced in large numbers and are usually readily available at very affordable prices.

Some euro coins, however, are rare indeed, or rather, difficult to find: the 2 euro commemorative coin of Luxembourg 2010, Belgium 2005, Holland 2011, Germany 2006 have a value that is around 10€s.

The piece rare 2 euro commemorative coin produced in Slovenia in 2007 can also be worth 25 euros.

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